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Crafting distinctive interiors through innovation that evoke comfort, exude character, and elevate your everyday.

At Lehmann Creative Studio we believe in the power of a well-designed environment and the positive energy that it can bring to your life.

We listen carefully to your wants, needs, hopes, and dreams and go beyond traditional approaches to create design solutions that are truly one of a kind. Merging artistic ingenuity with practicality assures your space is cohesive, elevated, and approachable, yet uniquely tailored to meet your everyday needs.


Suite Retreat

bedroom design

Fueled by our clients adoration of Iceland and Scandinavia we crafted a primary suite worthy of their many trips abroad. Modern lines, natural textures, and muted palettes create a sense of luxury and calm that bring them back to their time spent at the finest hotels of these regions. Fully customized millwork and upholstery from our exceptional vendors and seasoned craftsmen certainly steal the spotlight.

How Can We HelpYou

Check out our services to get you started on designing your dream space.

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Innovative design
Tailored comfort
Elevating your everyday.

Our mission is simple. Connection with clients who understand what a well design space can do for their lives. Trust in our process and unique vision to deliver just that.

From interior furnishings to new builds, we make the process seamless and exciting and thrive in the space of connection and discovery with our clients.

Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Lehmann Creative Studio is a full service interior design firm working locally and nationwide to help clients realize their design dreams.

We'd love to keep in touch.

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